How to Donate Medical Scrubs

Donating medical scrubs is similar to donating other types of clothing. There are many charitable organizations that can use the scrubs, such as Goodwill and Salvation Army. When donating it is good to start close to home or work, as this may help to quickly fill a need.

Donating Scrubs

Make certain that the scrubs, if they are used, are clean and do not have any holes. If they do have small holes, mend these and repair any other problems. If the scrubs are unused, make sure that they remain in good shape for donating.

Ask family members who are in the medical profession if they are in need of scrubs. Make sure to tell them the size and colors of the scrubs to make certain that they will fit and flatter their complexion.

Talk to friends at work or who work in other health-care facilities about the scrubs you are donating. They may be interested in them. You can also check to see if the clinic or hospital that you work at takes used scrubs for use by other employees or to give to a charitable organization.

Some uniform stores take used scrubs that they in turn donate to charities. Check your local store if they participate in such a program. You may also want to give to a charity directly. Hope and Aid Direct in Britain is such an organization and lists needed items on its website. Professional sites such as have information on other organizations that need scrubs. You also may donate to include the Adopt-a-Solider Platoon and local battered women's shelters.

Take your scrubs to national charities that may have local branches in your area, such as the Salvation Army or the Goodwill.