Where to Donate Kids Shoes & Clothes

Making donations is an efficient way to get rid of clothes that your children have outgrown. Even though throwing your kids' old clothes away might at first seem like the easiest option to make room for their newer outfits, it really doesn't benefit anybody in the end. There are many children out there in need of new clothes, especially in the wintertime. There are many terrific places and ways to donate your children's outgrown outfits. Here is how you can go about doing it.

Find a Salvation Army or Goodwill location. These stores are located all across the United States and are reliable places to donate your items. These organizations are very trustworthy and you will know after you donate your kids' clothing that it's going to go to less fortunate children truly in need. Look for drop-off boxes in shopping centers as well.

Give your children's clothing to a homeless shelter. Find homeless shelters in your area, either through the Internet or phone book. Homeless shelters are full of needy individuals, including children, who would benefit amazingly from your generosity and gift.

Donate your children's clothes to a thrift shop. If you happen to have attire that you believe to be nicer and of a higher quality, it might be a good idea to give it to a thrift shop or vintage boutique. Make sure that your children's clothing items are in excellent to perfect condition.

Leave your clothes with a Back-to-School Clothing Drive. At the beginning of the school year, many elementary schools and middle schools host clothing drives in which you can leave your old children's attire. Check with your local schools and find out where you can leave your kids' outgrown outfits.

Ask your friends and family if they are in need of anything. You may not even have to go far to donate your old children's clothes. Do you have any friends with children younger than yours who could really benefit from your hand-me-downs? They might really appreciate it.


  • In the wintertime, it's a great idea to donate your old winter gear to needy children. Thick winter coats, scarves, gloves, sweaters and warm pajamas are all great things to give.