How to Donate Home Medical Equipment

How to Donate Home Medical Equipment
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Charities that accept medical equipment as donations use the equipment to help the sick, injured and needy in the United States as well as third-world countries where residents are not otherwise afforded the luxury of medical care. Your donation is not only used to save lives and improve the quality of life in others, it is a tax deduction for you. If you donate your medical equipment to a charity registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C)3 non-profit corporation, you can deduct the donation on your income tax return.

Locate a charity to which you can donate your medical equipment. Operation Giveback of the America College of Surgeons provides a list of all of the charities in the United States that accept medical equipment and organized them by state for your convenience.

Contact your chosen charity to inquire about the donation process. Some require you to fill out a donation form and others do not. Your charity will inform you of the type of medical equipment accepted by their organization and their areas of specific need.

Schedule a time to drop off your donations, schedule a donation pick-up or ship your items to your chosen charity – the method will depend on the charity you choose.

Obtain a tax receipt from your charity to use on your income tax return.