How to Donate Home Heating Oil

How to Donate Home Heating Oil
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The rising cost of home heating oil creates a constant struggle for low-income families throughout the winter months--some of whom must choose between feeding their families and keeping them warm. Organizations throughout the United States accept donations so that they can provide heating assistance to individuals and families who otherwise couldn't afford to heat their homes.

Locate organizations in your area that donate home heating oil to low-income residents. The Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program is a large organization that provides fuel assistance to residents of 17 states including Alaska, Wisconsin, New Jersey and all of New England. The Fuel Fund of Maryland is another resource that accepts monetary donations.

Contact the charity and let them know you would like to make a monetary donation. Both the Fuel Fund of Maryland and the Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program take donations online via their websites as either a one-time or recurrent contribution.

Get a receipt for your charitable donation so that you can deduct the amount from your yearly tax return. To file your deduction with the IRS, you'll need to complete form 1040 and itemize the deductions on Schedule A.