How to Donate Furniture to Veterans Groups

How to Donate Furniture to Veterans Groups
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Donating your old furniture is a great way to recycle unwanted items while also benefiting a charity or nonprofit organization. Many groups accept furniture donations, and some even offer pickup services for large items such as sofas or hutches. If you want to help those who have served in the military, make a furniture donation to a local veterans group.

Clean your furniture and repair any holes so that the items are in decent or "gently used" condition. Many groups only accept furniture that is not damaged or stained. Make any needed repairs -- such as replacing or gluing broken parts -- to ensure the furniture is in safe, working order.

Contact a local veterans group in your area, to determine if furniture donations are accepted. For instance, call the local office of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Amvets or Disabled American Veterans. These associations accept donations in many, but not all, states. Inquire about the guidelines for donations. For instance, ask whether they limit the number of items donated and what types of furniture they accept.

Schedule a pickup, if the organization provides such services to donors. Otherwise, arrange a time to drop off the furniture at a collection site. Complete any paperwork or forms the association requires for record keeping. Request a receipt of the donation for tax purposes.