How to Donate Furniture in Massachusetts

Giving money to charity can be something that you're either unwilling or unable to do, depending on your financial situation. Fortunately, there are many other ways that you can help out those who are less fortunate. Many shelters and organizations around the country accept furniture donations. Your donations may be used by homeless shelters or given to low income families. Here are some places to consider when donating your used and/or unwanted furniture in the state of Massachusetts.

Donate furniture to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless. This organization accepts larger items such as beds and couches as well as smaller furniture items such as tables, nightstands and chairs. These donations are then given to individuals who are struggling with poverty or who were recently homeless. Contact the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless by calling (781) 595-7570.

Give your furniture to one of many Salvation Army locations throughout Massachusetts. Proceeds from sales of items such as chairs, couches and tables go to fund local programs that are run by the Salvation Army. The easiest way to donate furniture to this organization is to contact a Salvation Thrift Store location near you (see Resources for list of Thrift Stores in Massachusetts).

Contact Goodwill Industries in Massachusetts. Much like the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries has stores all around the country that collect and sell donated items such as furniture. The proceeds from these sales fund after school programs, job training and other activities. Donations to Goodwill in Massachusetts are also given directly to needy families as well as non-profit organizations. Use the link in the resources section below to find a list of stores as well as donation centers in Massachusetts.

Make a furniture donation to My Brother's Keeper. This organization picks up furniture donations in several towns throughout Massachusetts at no cost to you. Your donations are then given to families in need throughout the state. My Brother's Keeper only accepts personal furniture donations, such as beds, kitchen tables and lamps. To learn more about making a donation to My Brother's Keeper, call the organization at (508) 238-7512.

Donate your unwanted furniture to Mission of Deeds (see Resurces below). Mission of Deeds gives donated furniture to families in need throughout Middlesex and Essex counties. Go to the website, then place your mouse over the “donations” tab at the top of the page. Click the “items needed” and “items not needed” links to learn what you can donate at the present time (needs change throughout the year). Contact Mission of Deeds at (781) 944-9797 or via email at


  • Most places will accept furniture that is a little "banged up" but the pieces must be usable in order to be donated.