How to Donate Exercise Equipment to the Salvation Army

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Organizing your basement or garage is more than just moving seldom-used items around. If your old exercise equipment is gathering dust in the corner, donate it to the Salvation Army to help someone in your city. The organization sells donations and uses the funds to help others. The Salvation Army stresses that donations must be in usable condition; in the case of exercise equipment, all the parts must be present and the equipment must be safe to use.

Donate to Help Others

Contact your nearest branch of the Salvation Army to see if it has a need for used exercise equipment. The organization accepts a wide range of household items, which it sells at thrift stores as a fundraising venture. Provided the organization has a need for your equipment, drop it off or inquire about having the items picked up. In general, however, the organization doesn't pick up items unless you have a significant quantity. The Salvation Army provides tax receipts for certain items.


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