How to Donate Dance Costumes

How to Donate Dance Costumes
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If you have dance costumes that you no longer have any use for, donate them instead of throwing them away. Doing so can save space in your home and support a good cause at the same time. There are many different nonprofit organizations that will gladly accept your costume donations. Supporting the work of these charities will enable others to have the gift of dance, and will give you the satisfaction of helping those less fortunate.

Locate nonprofit organizations in your area that accept dance costume donations. GuideStar ( is an online tool that can help you find reputable charities by locality and main line of work.

Call any organization that you are considering to find out if it is accepting your type of donation. It is usually a good idea to determine whether the charity can use your costumes before you drop them off.

Prepare the dance costumes for donation. Ideally, the costumes should be only gently used, and clean. Be sure to wash all the items and dry them before you donate them. Neatly fold the costumes, and put them in a bag with any related accessories like magic wands, masks, or shoes.

Drop off your donation and get a receipt. Donations made to nonprofit organizations are often tax deductible, and can be used for a tax write-off in many places.


  • You will need to keep your receipt in a safe place if you intend to claim your donation as a tax deduction. Deductions usually have to be documented in case of tax audit.