How to Donate Crutches

by Virginia Franco
Donate your crutches and get a tax break.

Your broken leg or sprained ankle has healed, and you're hoping never to lay eyes on your crutches again. Don't let them collect cobwebs in your garage or attic--donate them to charity instead. Several organizations accept crutch donations. Donating your crutches will make you feel good, help someone else in need, and even let you claim your donation as a tax deduction.

Drop off your crutches at a Goodwill or Salvation Army location. Donating there allows people shopping for these items to purchase them at a good price, and the proceeds will benefit either organization.

Contact nursing homes or medical supply companies to see if they are accepting crutch donations. Many are happy to accept items providing they are in good condition.

Call rehabilitation centers or your local Veterans Affairs hospital, to see who is in charge of these sorts of donations. These facilities have a higher number of patients requiring crutches and help for ambulation than do other places.

Contact the district coordinator in charge of wheelchair, cane and crutch donations in your region for Joni & Friends "Wheels for the World" program, which donates these items to people around the world. See the reference information below for the website.

Check with your local fire department about donating crutches. Even if they are not accepting them, they may be able to put you in touch with a local organization that is.

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