How to Donate Clothing to the Poor

How to Donate Clothing to the Poor
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Instead of throwing away your old clothing, passing them on to the poor is a beneficial way to help others. Many organizations distribute clothing and other amenities to those who are less fortunate. The Good Will, Salvation Army, churches, shelters and charities all offer collection boxes where you can drop off unwanted wearable garments. Giving to organizations assures that your unwanted clothing will be put to use to serve others. Donating costs you almost no effort and is far more constructive than throwing away your clothes or letting them sit in your closet.

Gather all the clothing you no longer wear and want to donate. Assure that the clothes are clean and wearable without tears, rips or large stains. Warm clothing like jackets, sweaters, sturdy pants, shoes and even sheets and blankets are extremely beneficial, especially for the homeless. Make any necessary repairs to the garments -- such as minor stitching and bleaching. You don't want to donate items that someone can't use.

Tell your family and friends that you are donating clothes to the poor. Ask them if they have any garments they would like to add to your donation. Collect their items and assure that they are clean and in good condition.

Fold all the items and place them in boxes, bins or bags that you are willing to give away. Plastic bins, cardboard boxes and garbage bags are appropriate containers.

Select the organization that will receive your clothes. The Goodwill and Salvation Army have stores and drop off centers all across the United States. Most churches and homeless shelters also collect for the poor -- as well as some supermarkets.

Walk or drive your donation boxes to the charitable organization of your choice. Ask the attendant where to leave your donation. Drop off all your donation bins, boxes and bags. Obtain a receipt if you'd like one.