How to Donate Canned Foods

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Holidays and natural disaster stories stimulate questions of how to donate canned foods for the less fortunate in local communities and disaster zones. Church-based food pantries and local food banks are happy to receive donations. Check with your local Scout councils or service organizations for food drive dates for convenient pickup at your home. Some employers organize canned food collections and local retailers place barrels for their customers who wish to purchase and donate canned food items. No matter where you donate canned foods, your generosity brings light and relief to others in their time of need.

Donation Process

Contact nearby churches, Scout packs or troops, service organizations or a local food bank. Inquire about specific collection dates or ongoing collection sites and donation times. Watch for collection barrels at stores where you shop.

Scour your cupboards or shop for non-perishable food items to donate. If you choose to organize a canned food drive, place notices on doors in the area you will canvass a few days in advance so people have time to collect food to donate, and pick up the food donations on the arranged day. Place the cans in sturdy canvas or plastic bags for easy transport.

Deliver the canned foods to the collection point at the appointed time or set on your porch on collection day.


  • Feeding America has a handy tool on their website to assist you in locating and contacting your local food bank. If you are organizing a food drive, check with the food bank or charity first to learn about their policies and procedures for canned food collections.



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