How to Donate Blankets to Homeless Shelters in NYC

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New York City has an array of public and private homeless outreach shelters and programs designed to assist those with the most dire need of support. The city's Department of Homeless Services oversees the operation and funding of all shelters. Many shelters accept only cash donations, but some accept gifts of clean and undamaged bedding.

Step 1

Visit the New York Rescue Mission -- or one of the city's dozens of other homeless shelters -- online to determine which location is most convenient to you. The Rescue Mission is located at 90 Lafayette Street in the Tribeca neighborhood, just south of Canal Street.

Step 2

Inspect your blankets for damage and clean them thoroughly. The shelter can only accept new or gently used goods for distribution to the needy. Bag your items and take them to the shelter of your choice at any time.

Step 3

Schedule a pickup of your blankets or other items if they are too much to handle by yourself. Many people in Manhattan do not drive, and lugging large blankets on the subway can be difficult. The mission will send a truck to your home at the allotted time and take the blankets to the shelter for you.

Step 4

Request a receipt for your donation. Your gift of blankets is tax-deductible and may be reported as a charitable donation on your tax return at the end of the year.


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