How to Donate a Bedside Commode

How to Donate a Bedside Commode
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Few things are more rewarding than donating medical equipment to needy individuals. Bedside commodes provide comfort and peace of mind to weak, sickly individuals who can't get to the bathroom in a short amount of time. Consider donating your bedside commode to a reputable charity or organization in your community that accepts and actively distributes bedside commode donations to needy individuals.

Find a charity or organization in your community that accepts bedside commode donations. Homeless shelters, hospitals and nursing homes usually accept bedside commodes, so check with those specific organizations first. Goodwill Industries and the Salvation Army also accept bedside commode donations and are located in many communities.

Contact the charity or organization and verify that it's still accepting bedside commode donations. Ask for specific drop-off times. Some charities or organizations require individuals to drop off their donations at set times during the day or week. You can find the charity or organization’s contact information by visiting its official website or by browsing for the charity or organization in a phone book.

Clean all bedside commodes. Squirt a few drops of soap into a bucket of hot water. Mix the solution well until soap bubbles form. Place a clean rag into the mix and wash the bedside commode thoroughly. Rinse the bedside commode and dry it with another rag or towel. Equipment donations should be cleaned and in good working condition before donating, as organizations cannot redistribute an item if it’s in an unsatisfactory condition.

Deliver the bedside commode(s) to the charity organization’s official headquarters or donation area. Make sure you deliver all parts of the bedside commode to the organization, as it won’t be able to redistribute the commode if all pieces aren’t together.


  • If you can’t find a charity or organization in your area that accepts bedside commode donations, consider donating the item to a national or international organization, such as Project C.U.R.E., instead. Visit the organization’s website and complete the proper form(s) to donate your bedside commode to the charity.

    Depending on the quantity and value of the bedside commodes you donate, you may be eligible to receive a tax deduction for your donation. The charity you donate to must be registered with the IRS for your tax deduction to be eligible.


  • Never pay an organization to accept your bedside commode donations, as such organizations are scams.