How to Donate Bedding

How to Donate Bedding
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When you decide to give your bedroom a makeover and buy new bedding, your old bedding deserves a better home than the garbage can. You may donate your old bedding to several organizations that play positive roles in your community. The condition of the bedding dictates the organization to which you should donate it.

Before You Donate

Before you seek a worthy recipient of your old bedding, thoroughly wash each item, note its condition and properly fold it. Make a list of the exact nature of the items as a reference for when you call local charities. This approach allows you to detail exactly what you have when inquiring if a charity can use your bedding.

Local Charities

Call organizations in your city such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill to ask if each organization currently accepts used bedding. Some charities distribute the bedding to in-need individuals, while others sell it in their thrift shops and use the funds to help those who are less fortunate with career and education programming. If the bedding is in poor condition, some charities may recycle it to use for purposes such as filling mattresses.

Animal Groups

Bedding that is excessively stained, torn or has elastic that no longer is stretchy isn't ideal to donate to groups that wish to use or sell it, but your local animal shelter often can make use of bedding in this condition. Contact the shelter and explain exactly what you have and detail the general condition of the items. Shelter staff may use your bedding for a variety of purposes, including lining the bottoms of animals' cages and drying wet animals.

Other Organizations

Homeless shelters and homes for women and families escaping abuse often accept used bedding. Check with national charities that raise funds for causes such as diabetes or multiple-sclerosis research to determine if the charities accept household items for resale. Some such organizations may pick up your items at your home.