How to Donate a Bed to Charity

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Donating your unwanted furniture items to charity can be very rewarding. According to Charity Guide, donating unwanted furniture helps both needy individuals and the environment, as it keeps the furniture out of landfills. Learning how to donate a bed to charity is one way to bring joy and happiness to a needy person.

Locate a charity organization in your area that readily accepts furniture donations. You can find a charity organization in your area by visiting the Charity Navigator website and conducting a quick or advanced search.

Clean the bed. Wipe the bed down with a damp rag to remove all dust or stains found on the frame. Scrub the rag hard over any stained areas. Re-wipe the bed with a dry cloth to ensure that no moisture is left on the bed frame.

Disassemble the bed frame, if possible. Disassembling the bed frame will ease the burden of moving and transporting the bed to the charity. Remove the mattress and box spring and set them aside. Unscrew or unclasp the footer and header from the frame. Place the bed in your vehicle or in an area where the charity organization's pick-up crew will have easy access to it.

Deliver the bed to the charity organization's official address or have the charity organization pick up your donation. According to Donation Town, many charity organizations will send a truck to your home and pick up your donations free of charge.


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