Free Do It Yourself Living Trust Papers

You don’t need an attorney to create a trust. Many online trust form templates are free. Many are straightforward and only require a few details about the trust you wish to create and the property with which you wish to fund it. Once you complete and download the forms, you’re just a few steps away from having a legally recognized trust.


Online legal document suppliers provide free trust form templates. Simply choose the legal document you want, fill out the data form with your personal information and print it. Take the legal document to a notary public and have the document notarized. Failure to notarize a trust form may result in the form being invalidated.

Trust Document

A trust document is a legal instrument used to set up a trust fund. The document must identify the name of the individual setting up the trust, known as the trust grantor; the name of individual who will manage and administer the trust upon the trust grantor’s death, known as the successor trustee; the name of the individuals or charity organizations that will benefit from the trust upon the trust grantor’s death; as well as the name of any guardians set up to manage property left to minor beneficiaries.

Amendments and Corrections

Free online amendment forms are also available. Depending on the type of change or correction you wish to make, you need an amendment form, which amends minor changes such as the correction of a beneficiary’s date of birth, or a restatement form which amends major changes such as the hiring of a new successor trustee, or a supplemental instruction form, which addresses changes regarding the distribution of assets.


While in most cases, it is not necessary to record legal trust forms -- except in those cases involving the sale or transfer of real estate -- many states require a successor trustee to keep all trust forms in a trust portfolio. To protect the trust portfolio from fire, loss, theft and other damage, shelter the trust portfolio in a fireproof safe.