How Do You Track a Lost Money Order?

How Do You Track a Lost Money Order?
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People send money orders instead of checks because they does not "bounce." They use money orders for paying for products or services, paying bills or for sending money to a relative. Whether you send a money order online, by telephone or at a store, you should receive a tracking number with your receipt. Also, keep your receipt along with your tracking number for proof that you purchased it, especially if the recipient loses or it gets lost in the mail.

Tracking a Western Union Money Order

Fill out a Consumer Service Affidavit form from Western Union. You can download it from the Western Union website. Contact Western Union at 800-999-9660 if you have trouble printing the form.

Sign the form and have it notarized from the store or agent you purchased it from. Send the form, along with a payment of $15 to:

Western Union at Integrated Payment Systems P.O. Box 7030 Englewood, CO 80155

Follow up on the status of your lost money order. If it found that no one cashed the money order, you will receive a refund in the amount on the money order. If it found that someone cashed it, then you will receive a photocopy of that cashed money order. It may take up to 30 days for you to receive it.

Tracking a Money Gram Money Order

Find your money order stub or money order number. Each money order has an identification number that you would use for locating lost money orders. The number should be on your money stub.

Call the Money Gram hotline at 800-542-3590. This service is available 24 hours a day. At this moment, there is no way to track your Money Gram money orders online.

Enter your Money Gram order number by using your touch-tone telephone. By tracking the order number, the automated system lets you know where the person received his money order or if the recipient (or someone else) cashed it. If you recipient's money order is lost or stolen, then it is likely that someone else has it.

Fill out a Money Gram Claim Card if you want a hard copy of the cashed money order. You complete this $15 service by mail. Send the form to:

Money Gram International P.O. Box 610 Minneapolis, MN 55480


  • Contact Western Union or Money Gram if you do not have a receipt, money order stub or tracking number. They will give you information on claiming lost money orders.


  • Never send money orders to strangers.

    Be cautious and discreet about sending large amounts of money through money orders.