How Do I Get a Teacup Yorkie for Cheap?

How Do I Get a Teacup Yorkie for Cheap?
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Many people shell out hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a purebred dog, but that isn’t always necessary. In fact, you can adopt a healthy Yorkshire terrier for a minimal fee, in the process saving it from euthanasia as well as helping an animal rescue group continue to rescue and adopt out animals. The key is locating groups dedicated not just to selling Yorkies, but placing them in good homes.

Find Groups with Adoptable Yorkies

Yorkies available from Yorkie rescue groups have been fully vetted, spayed or neutered.
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Visit your local animal shelter. Many city animal shelters have purebred dogs available for adoption, including Teacup Yorkies. Call or visit your city’s shelter, and tell the staff what breed you’re looking for. Tell them also if you’d prefer a certain age range, such as a puppy or a young adult, or if you have other criteria, such as temperament. City animal shelters usually charge a flat adoption fee regardless of age or breed, so you can adopt even a sought-after breed such as a Yorkie for a minimal fee. This adoption fee may also include spay or neuter surgery.

Contact no-kill shelters in your area. Animal sanctuaries usually have a wide range of breeds, ranging from mixed breeds to purebred dogs and from puppies to seniors. They usually charge a minimal, flat-rate fee just as city animal shelters do, so you’ll pay the same price no matter what breed you adopt. Because animal sanctuaries usually know of the other animal sanctuaries operating in their area, they may be able to tell you which sanctuaries have the breed you’re looking for if they do not.

Find breed-specific rescues. Many animal rescue groups focus solely on Yorkies or on toy breeds, and have adoptable dogs of every age and size. Some, such as the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue and United Yorkie Rescue, have adoptable dogs in foster homes all across the United States. Others, such as OK Yorkie Rescue, only have dogs in a specific state. However, if you find a Yorkie in another state, many of these groups have volunteers willing to help transport pets to their new homes. Rescue groups often have stricter adoption requirements than city animal shelters, and may require an application, an in-home visit and even verification that you’re allowed to have pets if you rent. They may also require follow-up visits after you’ve adopted the dog.

Visit and enter Yorkshire Terrier into the search engine to find Yorkies in your area.
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Ask local vets. Many veterinary clinics allow clients, reputable breeders or rescue groups to post notices on their bulletin boards. Here, you may find breeders with Yorkies for sale, groups with Yorkies up for adoption, or even individuals needing to find a new home for their dogs. Because reputable breeders provide veterinary care for their dogs, many vets have several breeders they provide regular care for, and can provide you with recommendations. Breeders often bring in entire litters of puppies in for a check-up as soon as they’re born, so you’ll know any dog you adopt from them will have had thorough veterinary care.

Network with other Yorkie owners. Other Yorkie owners may be one of your best sources of information regarding where to adopt a dog. Join some online support groups for owners of Teacup Yorkies; they may have recommendations for high-quality breeders, rescue groups or other animal organizations that have Yorkies available for adoption. Even if they don’t know of anyone in your area, many rescue groups have a network of volunteers willing to help transport pets to their new homes, especially if the pet is coming from an animal shelter, sanctuary or rescue group.


  • The new trend toward miniaturization of dog breeds is harmful to many of the dog breeds affected by this disturbing fad. Do your research to learn if a teacup Yorkie is one of the breeds suffering from brain problems due to miniaturizing this breed.


  • Be wary of classified ads advertising cheap Yorkies for sale. While some are reputable breeders, others are puppy mills who don’t provide adequate care for their dogs. If you’re considering adopting through an ad, ask to see the breeder’s facilities, and ask local veterinarians, your city’s animal shelter, other Yorkie owners or rescue groups if they’ve heard of the breeder. Never purchase a puppy from a pet store.