How do I Redeem Chase Visa Signature Credit Card Points?

How do I Redeem Chase Visa Signature Credit Card Points?
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Chase offers four travel-related credit cards that come with the Visa Signature logo. Chase Visa Signature cards come with benefits such as car rental insurance waivers, lost luggage reimbursement and travel insurance.

Earning Rewards

The British Airways Visa Signature, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus, United MileagePlus Explorer and Marriott Rewards Premier cards earn points on all purchases and extra points in travel categories. Each of the four cards also gives customers bonus points for spending a certain amount after opening the card. Users of the British Airways Visa Signature, for example, get 50,000 bonus points, called Avios, after spending $2,000 in the first three months.

Redeeming Points

To redeem points, you need to sign in to the account associated with your particular card. For example, if you have the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus card, log into your Rapid Rewards account, choose the reward you want, add it to the shopping cart and check out. If you don’t have a Rapid Rewards account, register for one by providing your contact information and creating a username and password. You also can call the customer service department for each brand to redeem rewards over the phone.

Types of Rewards

Along with travel rewards like flights, hotels and car rentals, each of the reward programs offers merchandise, gift cards and experiences like concert tickets or spa visits. Marriott reward points, for example, are good for hotel stays at Marriott properties as well as digital downloads, gift cards and international retailers.