Do House Foreclosures Show Up on a Background Check?

If you have the unfortunate experience of going through a foreclosure, you may wonder how it will affect other areas of your life. If you are applying for a new job, a new apartment or a security clearance you will want to know if the foreclosure will show up on your records; there are a couple of ways it can come to light.

Credit Check

Most background checks include pulling your credit report. You will most likely provide your social security number when applying for the check, and this is the key to your report. A foreclosure will be on your credit report and already affected your credit score -- this low score by itself may provide a red flag. The foreclosure itself is not always completely obvious on the report, depending on the way it is recorded, but anyone who experienced in reading credit reports will be able to find it.

Public Records

A foreclosure is a matter of public record and is on file at the county recorder’s office where your former property is located. Depending on the thoroughness of the background check, these types of public records may be pulled and reveal your foreclosure.

Criminal Records

A foreclosure is not a criminal matter, and it does not appear on any criminal records held about you. If this is the only type of check that performed, the foreclosure is unlikely to come to light. However, criminal checks are often done in conjunction with other types of record-checking, such as credit checks.

Be Proactive

If you know you are about to undergo a background check and you suspect your foreclosure will come to light through your credit report, it may be wise to raise it beforehand. Then the employer, landlord or agency will know that you are not trying to hide anything and you will be able to present your side of the story. Many people experience a foreclosure through no fault of their own, and it may not necessarily constitute a black mark against you.