How Do I Know If My Rental Application Was Accepted or Denied?

When you’re out shopping for apartments, and you find one that you want, you have to fill out an application so that the property management can find out if you are a risk or not. They will pull your credit history, talk to your prior landlords and verify your employment. Generally, you have to pay a fee with your application, to cover the cost of the credit report. Until the application is approved, you won’t be able to move in.

Fill out all parts of the application honestly and completely. If you don’t include your current employer’s phone number, for example, processing the application will take longer, because the property staff will have to contact you again to get the contact information. If you are dishonest about your work history, your application is likely to be denied.

Wait two to three business days after filling out the application. It takes time to run a credit report and to contact prior landlords and employers. The property management wants to fill every vacancy, so they won’t let your application fall through the cracks.

Call to inquire if you have not heard from the property management in three business days. If it sounds like management has been lax in processing it, it’s worth wondering if management is also lax in other important areas, such as maintaining the complex.