How do I Receive Money From a Moneygram?

How do I Receive Money From a Moneygram?
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Moneygram offers money orders, bill payment, money transfers, and other services at retail locations around the world. Transfers can be made in person or online, and funds are quickly available to the recipient upon presentation of I.D.

Reference Number

Obtaining the reference number given to the sender will speed up the process when picking up your money.


You will need to present at least one form of identification, including passport or national I.D. card, driver's license, or state I.D. card.


Moneygram Locations

Check the Moneygram website for locations where you can pick up your money.


'Receive' Form

Moneygram requires you to fill out its "receive" form before you can get your money.



Payment is usually made in cash, in U.S. dollars or the local currency where the money is received. At some locations, payout may be made in traveler's checks, Moneygram money transfer checks, or money orders.


Time Frame

Funds are usually available within 10 minutes of being sent.