How Do I Purchase Stocks in Pepsi?

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You can generally purchase Pepsi stocks or shares in any other publicly traded company through a brokerage. Different brokerages offer trades for different commission prices, although the actual stock prices will be the same from brokerage to brokerage. Find PepsiCo share price and other useful information through your brokerage, a financial news and information site or the company's investor relations page.

Trading Pepsi Shares Through Brokerages

If you want to buy shares in PepsiCo, the company behind Pepsi soft drinks, you can do so through the stock brokerage of your choice. Many enable you to fund your purchase online through a bank account and buy and sell shares using a website or app. Essentially any brokerage will let you buy any stock traded on the major public markets.

Different brokerages charge different commissions to buy and sell shares, with some even providing trades for free. Some provide additional services like access to advisers or research information. Shop around for a brokerage that meets your needs.

Get a PepsiCo stock quote before making a purchase so you know the share price seems appropriate and know how many shares you can buy for a certain amount of money. Contact a broker or financial adviser if you want additional guidance in making your investments.

Understanding the PepsiCo Business

PepsiCo makes more than just its namesake caffeinated soda. The company owns other beverage brands including the Gatorade line of sports drinks, IZZE sparkling juices, additional sodas such as Mountain Dew and the Tropicana juice brand.

PepsiCo also owns a number of food brands, including the Quaker brand with its oatmeal and other cereals such as Life and Cap'n Crunch. Quaker brands also include Rice-A-Roni and the Aunt Jemima line of breakfast syrups. When it comes to snacks, PepsiCo includes the Frito-Lay line brands, including the Fritos corn chip products and Lay's potato chips.

You should do your own research into PepsiCo or any other company before investing to make sure you understand the nature of its business.

Direct Purchase Plan

Some companies offer direct stock purchase plans letting you purchase stock directly from the company without working with an intermediate broker. In some cases, you may find this more desirable than working with a broker, depending on commissions, ease of trading or other factors.

Employees of companies traded on the stock market are also often able to participate in employee stock purchase or stock grant programs, where stock may be available for a discount or even for free.

In the past, some stock purchases were recorded with physical certificates showing ownership, but now essentially all new purchases are recorded electronically. If you have physical certificates, you can generally exchange them for electronic records showing you own the stock in question.

Researching Investment Opportunities

Before you buy or sell a stock, it's often a good idea to do some research about the company's performance and growth over time.

You can conduct research through a financial news site, through your brokerage or through the company's investor relations page. Companies also regularly file quarterly and annual reports, as well as other updates, with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission, and these are available through the company's website or directly from the SEC.

You may also wish to compare companies against others in similar industries. For example, you might compare PepsiCo stock price and performance information against other beverage and snack companies. The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo's chief soda and beverage rival, is a natural point of comparison if you're researching PepsiCo.

You can also often invest in mutual funds and index funds that track particular industries if you think the sector as a whole will do well.