How to Do Nordstrom In-Store Returns

Nordstrom is a national department store that sells clothing, cosmetics, fragrances, home furnishings, purses and jewelry. Like many retailers, Nordstrom has a strict in-store return policy for items purchased online or at the retail location. If you plan on making an in-store return, then your items must be in pristine condition and you must have your original receipt to avoid having to instead exchange your item or receive a store credit.

Dry clean the item before making the return. Nordstrom requires that items are not worn or altered for a successful return. If you spot a stain or some markings on the garment, whether from you or before purchase, you need to have a professional clean the garment and be careful not to remove or alter the price tag.

Visit the Nordstrom location within 30 days of purchasing the merchandise. Nordstrom has a strict 30 day return policy.

Bring the item with price tags attached and the receipt for the purchase. If you purchased online, Nordstrom requires the packing slip for the item.

Show your valid photo identification, such as a driver's license, once you go to the customer service desk.

Fill out the return confirmation slip. Nordstrom asks you to write down your name, address and phone number to keep track of returns to prevent fraudulent activities.

Present the credit card to the cashier that you used for the purchase, if applicable. Nordstrom will not refund cash if you purchased with a credit card.


  • If you purchased online, Nordstrom will not refund any shipping charges.

    The credit refunds within 14 business days to the account.