How do I Send a Money Order From the USA to India?

How do I Send a Money Order From the USA to India?
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Money orders might be a safer way of sending money than mailing a check to someone. This is especially the case if you plan on sending money to a person or business in India. Money orders are a safer method because they do not “bounce” and withdraw money from the recipient’s back account. Before you send a money order, you need to determine which service you plan to use. It is best to compare prices before settling. This might save you money and time on sending a money order to India.

Determine where you want to purchase your money order. Banks, grocery stores and convenience stores all sell money orders. Also, consider USPS, Western Union or MoneyGram.

Compare the rates for sending your money order. Consider unfamiliar brands such as PayKo and Currency Source. They might offer money orders at lower rates.

Go to a money order agent in person. Fill out the money order with the recipient's and your name, address and telephone number. Verify that the information is correct especially since an India address is different from one in the United States.

Hand cash, a credit card or debit card to the money order agent. Verify that you have enough money to cover the payment and the money order. Show your photo I.D. to the money order agent, especially if your money is more than $1,000.

Save your receipt. On the receipt is a number which you use to track the process of your money order. This is especially necessary if the money order happens to get lost or ends up in the wrong hands.


  • Determine which money order service is the fastest. Western Union sends money orders within a few hours. A bank could take a few days to send money orders.