How Do I Check if I Don't Know How Many Credit Accounts I Have Open?

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It is easy to lose count of how many credit accounts you have open. Credit is freely available. You may have several credit cards, a few personal loans and a home loan. Unless your record keeping skills are excellent, you may not remember them all. It is easy to check how many credit accounts you have open. The Federal Trade Commission requires the three major credit reporting bureaus--Equifax, TransUnion and Experian--to provide free reports once a year. These three firms formed one central website to fulfill this request.

Apply online to the Annual Credit Report website, where you can view your free reports instantly online. The process is fast and simple. In 10 to 15 minutes you can check how many credit accounts you have open.

Select the state you live in from the drop down box. Complete the application form and retype the alphanumeric code at the bottom of the page into the adjacent box. Click “Submit.” Wait for your identity to be verified. Create a login ID, password and password reminder. View your reports instantly to check how many credit accounts you have.

Check your credit report. From the report summary, you can check how many credit accounts you have, whether the accounts are open, negative or new. It also shows settled accounts.

Check the detailed sections of the report to get more information about the credit accounts you have open, your loans, credit cards and payment histories.


  • Check your report for errors. Rectify any errors by contacting the credit reporting bureau in writing.


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