How Do I Get Manufacturers Coupons Mailed to Me?

Manufacturer's coupons are some of the better coupons in the wide gamut of coupons regularly offered by major companies. They often offer incredible deals for particular products or have limited-time offers that are difficult to pass up. However, they are sometimes hard to find, and most people don't have the time to try and track them down. There are a few techniques that you can use to get the manufacturers to simply mail you their coupons directly.

Call or Email with a Complaint

Most major companies are very sensitive to their customer's needs and displeasure with their product, and will be anxious to keep you as a longtime customer by sending you manufacturer's coupons. Simply call the company's customer service department and tell them nicely why you are upset with their product or service, and that you would like coupons to make up for your dissatisfaction. They should be happy to mail them to you, as it ensures you will continue to use their product or service.

Call or Email with a Compliment

On the same note, calling a major company you love to tell them how great their product or service is will encourage them to send you manufacturer's coupons, as they know you will continue to use their product or service and will be helpful at spreading good reviews about their product or service. They might as well keep you as happy as possible by giving you coupons to keep this good relationship going.

Visit the Company Website

The websites for most major companies may tell you how to get manufacturer's coupons by getting on a mailing list for special deals and offers or by emailing a particular place. This may be a good way to make contact with this particular company if you are having trouble finding the number for their corporate office or don't want to have to keep calling for manufacturer's coupons. At the very least, you'll regularly be updated about what is going on with the company.