How Do I Report an Insurance Company to the Insurance Commission?

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Each state has an insurance commission, which can be called by a variety of names. You can report insurance fraud to these state offices if you have been swindled by an insurance company. In addition, you can file complaints against an insurance company if you feel it fails to treat customers according to legal guidelines. After filing a complaint, the appropriate state department will investigate your claim and take action if it is warranted.

Compile proof of the illegal or unethical activity by printing out emails and making copies of letters that support your claim.

Locate the contact information for the insurance commission in the state where the insurance company is located. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners website provides listings for each state.

Go to the website, or visit the insurance commission office, a and fill out a complaint form. Some states distinguish a regular complaint from a fraud claim, so make sure you fill out the correct form.

Fill out the requested information in the complaint form. In general, the form will require the name and address of the company you are reporting, your reason for reporting and possibly your name and contact information. In addition, you will be asked to provide proof of your complaint, which you can do by attaching the photocopies.

Print a copy of your completed complaint, or ask for a photocopy if you visit the insurance commissioner's office in person.

Wait until the state insurance commission conducts an investigation. Depending on the state, the investigation can take several months or longer. You will be notified, usually through the mail, of the outcome of the investigation. You may be contacted directly if the investigators need additional information.


  • Filling out the complaint forms online allows you to remain anonymous if you so choose.

    Most insurance commissions will supply a copy of the complaint to the insurance company.


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