How Do I Get a Gift Card in Canadian Dollars?

How Do I Get a Gift Card in Canadian Dollars?
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If you are on a shopping spree in Canada, purchasing a gift card in Canadian dollars is easy -- simply walk up to a cashier with the desired gift card in hand and buy it. You can pay with a credit card or travelers checks; some cities on or close to the U.S. border even accept U.S. currency. But if you are looking to buy a gift card in advance of you trip or for a northern neighbor, buying online is your best bet. An online purchase provides a traceable transaction and eliminates the need to exchange your money at banking centers which charge service fees.

Open the website of the store where you wish to purchase a gift card. Many large chain stores maintain a separate Canadian website where you can buy gift cards with a value in Canadian dollars. Look for the store website using a search engine; type the store name followed by "Canadian" or "Canada." Look for a URL that ends in ".ca;" many Canadian retail branches use the ".ca" URL instead of ".com."

Make sure you are on the right website. Unlike Euros and other foreign currency, the abbreviation for Canadian dollars is the same as the U.S. dollar.

Find the gift card amount you wish to purchase. Look for "Gift Cards" under the product menu or type "gift cards" in the search bar at the top of the page.

Confirm your purchase by selecting "Add to Cart" or a similar button.

Review your order. Refer to the currency exchange rate charts on the Department of the Treasury website to make sure that you are purchasing a gift card in the correct amount. These rates change frequently so refer to the chart during every purchase.

Enter your shipping information.

Enter your payment information into the provided form. Use a payment method that is capable of paying in a foreign currency such as PayPal. Some small banks may not honor a foreign purchase unless you have a balance that is in Canadian dollars.

Confirm your purchase.


  • Some Canadian websites include text in French, and it may be necessary to initiate automatic translation for the website before shopping. Look for a "Translate" button in your browser's toolbar. Or select "French to English" if prompted.