How do I Redeem a Blue Cross Death Benefit for Cash?

Many Blue Cross health-insurance plans have an accidental-death benefit paid to beneficiaries to protect loved ones financially in the event of unexpected death. Accidental-death riders are available in most employer-sponsored plans but are also found in senior plans and private insurance policies. These benefits start anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000 for basic policy coverage but may be extended. Family members can cash in the benefits directly through a Blue Cross representative.

Call Blue Cross and provide the customer-service representative with the policy information. Explain that you are calling regarding a deceased person and need to obtain information on claiming a death benefit.

Confirm that the policy has a death benefit that is paid up and applicable. Obtain the amount of the benefits and request the beneficiary information. Have the representative mail you a beneficiary claims form.

Fill out the beneficiary claims form and send it back with a death certificate. You will need an original copy obtained directly from county records or the coroner's office.

Call to confirm that the form and death certificate were received. Ask when the benefits check is expected to be sent.

Cash the check when you receive it.


  • If you don't have the Blue Cross contact information for an employer-based plan, contact human resources for the death benefits and the policy information.