How to Do a Free Credit Check on Renters

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Credit checks offer valuable information on the past financial actions of prospective tenants. Anyone renting real estate will want to know if the tenant in consideration has ever been evicted for not paying rent, or sued for destroying property. A landlord's credit check should be done by a reliable credit reporting agency. Sadly, many of the free credit checks offered are worth as much as they cost. A worthwhile tenant credit check that's free comes as a free trial from trusted agency.

Provide a tenant application for anyone interested in renting your property. Use a form that asks for past rental addresses and landlords' contact information. Employment and salary information should be included as well as social security numbers, birth dates and drivers license numbers.

Contact the employers and past landlords of tenant candidates to inquire of their employment status and past rental payment habits. Laws limit the information an employer or landlord may disclose, but you will be told if the person works where they say, and if they made rent payments on time.

Ask prospective tenants to enroll in a free trial from a reputable credit reporting agency and send you their free credit report. Trusted agencies include Trans Union, Experian and Equifax. Individuals can obtain free credit checks through trial periods offered by a credit reporting agency. Any prospective renter who is interested in the property, and has nothing to hide, will gladly provide a tenant credit check under such conditions.

Compare the information on the credit check from the credit agency to the information the candidate provided on the rental application to positively identify the person by birth date and social security number. Use the credit information to help you select the next renter for your property.


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