How Do I Check on My Wisconsin Tax Refund?

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The Wisconsin Department of Revenue lets you check your state tax refund status either online through the Department's Wisconsin Income Tax Return Status website or over the phone by calling 866-947-7363. Wisconsin also has a smartphone app you can download from the Department's website to your phone.

Required Information

To check your Wisconsin refund, you must provide your Social Security number or Taxpayer Identification Number, the tax year and the amount of your refund. When giving your expected refund, round to the nearest dollar. For example, if your refund is $521.20, enter $521.

Reasons for Delays

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue suggests three common reasons your refund might be delayed: your homestead credit was selected for review, your earned income credit was selected for review, or you were selected for identity verification. Being selected for review doesn't automatically mean you did something wrong. It could just be the Department needs more information. In any case, it will cause you to wait longer to get your refund.