How Do I Drive a New Car Home From the Dealership With No Insurance?

How Do I Drive a New Car Home From the Dealership With No Insurance?
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Driving without insurance is against the law. If you're caught driving while not properly insured you'll face a hefty fine and could have your driving license revoked. If you've just bought a new car and are considering risking driving it back from the dealership without insurance, don't. As well as facing a fine and the loss of your license, there's a chance you could have an accident and write-off your car. If this happens without insurance, you'll just have spent all that money and have nothing to show for it. Arranging temporary insurance coverage is relatively affordable and easy to arrange.

Check your current insurance plan to see if you're covered to drive other vehicles. Some car insurance policies will cover you to drive another car other than the one listed in your policy documents.

Call a car insurance company to arrange temporary coverage for the day. You could arrange coverage on a more permanent footing, but if you want an opportunity to shop around for the best deal, a short-term solution is probably the best option.

Give the customer service agent you speak with your personal details and in formation about the car you've just bought. You'll need to make a payment for your coverage over the phone with a debit or credit card.

Confirm that your coverage is effective and drive your new vehicle home.