How Do I Convert AU Currency to US Dollars?

How Do I Convert AU Currency to US Dollars?
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The Australian dollar (AUD) is the standard currency for Australia. This currency is available in banknotes of up to and including ​$100​ AUD and in coins for smaller denominations. On the foreign currency exchange, the exchange rate for the AUD to the U.S. dollar (USD) changes every day.

You can easily calculate the conversion rate for changing AUD to USD on any given day online. Simply locate one of countless currency conversion calculators. You can find these calculators to calculate AUD to USD through a web search or on any financial website that includes continuous and real-time stock market and currency trading information and tools.

Convert Aussie Dollars to U.S. Dollars Manually

To convert Aussie dollars to U.S. dollars manually, use the convert USD to AUD formula. First, check the current AUD to USD exchange rate. If the rate today is ​1​ AUD per ​0.729​ USD, you multiply the amount of AUD that you want to convert by the pair's currency exchange rate. In this instance, to convert ​$100​ AUD to USD, you will multiply ​0.729​ by ​100​.

You can convert USD to AUD manually by following the same procedure in reverse. This manual way to convert USD to AUD is known as the convert USD to AUD formula. It can calculate AUD to USD just as easily.

Perform Currency Conversions on Calculator

For fast results, you can perform currency conversions on a calculator. After selecting an online currency converter or a mobile app converter, just choose your currency pair for converting. These conversion calculators have a box for indicating the currency that you want to convert from.

In the next box, you can click on the currency into which you want to convert money. Next, enter the amount of the first currency that you want to convert to the second, and click the converter tab. The amount of the converted currency will immediately appear in the next box.

If you are converting Aussie dollars into U.S. dollars, the converted currency amount will be given in USD. Conversely, if you wish to exchange U.S. dollars for Aussie dollars, the converted dollar amount will appear in AUD.

Calculate AUD to USD in Excel

Using Microsoft Excel, you can calculate AUD to USD and check the exchange rates for many types of money around the world using the Excel function. To accomplish this, you can enter the latest currency exchange rate for AUD to USD of ​0.729​ in a blank cell (C2). Then enter the formula of B2*$C$2 in cell D2. When you drag the fill handle over the range cell that you want to contain the formula, all of the cells in D2:D10 will contain converted AUD amounts, according to the corresponding date in the date column.

Various Ways to Convert

You can convert Australian (Aussie) dollars to U.S. dollars (USD) in various ways using different reliable and convenient methods. You can make manual conversions using the convert USD to AUD formula (or the convert AUD to USD formula). You can also make use of an online currency calculator to perform this conversion.

On the website, you can easily convert AUD to USD based on the current USD exchange rate and check exchange rates for countless types of money around the world. In addition, using Microsoft Excel, you can convert Aussie dollars to U.S. dollars using the Excel function. These accurate and reliable sources and tools enable you to make immediate currency conversions using your computer, smartphone or another digital device.