How Do I Convert AU Currency to U.S. Dollars?

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Australia and its commonwealth uses the Australia or Aussie dollar (AUD) as its standard currency. The Aussie dollar comes in both coins and banknotes going up to $100 Aussie. Like all traded currencies, the exchange rates between AUD and U.S. dollars (USD) change daily. Converting between Aussie dollars and U.S. dollars requires only a one-step calculation.

Look up the latest AUD to USD exchange rate. For example, imagine the exchange rate was 1 AUD per 0.888 USD.

Multiply the number of AUD you want to convert by the exchange rate. In the example, if you wanted to convert $100 AUD into USD, you would multiply 100 by 0.888.


Change the units on the product you found in Step 2 to USD. In the example, your converted result would be $88.80 USD.



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