How do I Apply for an International Credit Card?

by LaoA ; Updated July 27, 2017
Use credit cards on an international basis to increase your purchasing power.

International credit card borrowers can apply for a card of this type, but must face different credit organizations than those who issue credit in the U.S. These non-domestic credit groups utilize non-traditional methods to assess the worth of someone’s credit. A person living in another nation must submit to a complete financial assessment, and run the risk of disapproval if she is a U.S. citizen.

Step 1

Telephone your international credit-card company of choice and ask whether anything in their paperwork prevents non-citizens from securing an international credit card. In the event you can’t apply for this kind of card, speak to an attorney in the nation where you desire to get the card, and inquire about the best path to take.

Step 2

Complete an application. You must prepare to go through a careful background check because the country will want to make sure your finances are in good order before they issue you a credit card. The workers at the financial institutions where you apply for your cards will look at the amount of revenue you bring home each month, any prior debt obligations, late payment history, and settled debts and bankruptcy claims. They will make their final decision based on all your background data, and decide whether they feel you are able to make an extra monthly credit card payment.

Step 3

Thoroughly read the credit card terms that the international bank gives you to complete. You should fax any documentation you receive to your lawyer, and have them explain any hard-to-understand language in the paperwork. When you take out a cash advance with your card, you will have to keep the funds at a bank in that nation. After you completely understand all of the fine print and details of the card agreement, sign it and return it to the appropriate party to receive your card.


  • It is very hard to obtain a credit card in a place where you have no history of credit use, and no existing credit lines. However, people who have lived in a place for many years will have a far easier time securing a credit card.

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