Do Golden 1 ATMs Allow You to Deposit With Cash Back?

Do Golden 1 ATMs Allow You to Deposit With Cash Back?
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According to Golden 1 Credit Union's "Disclosure of Account Information," ATM users can't get cash back on deposits made at an ATM. You need to go inside a Golden 1 branch to receive cash from a deposit.

Funds Availability

Funds from deposits made at a Golden 1 Credit Union ATM remain unavailable for a minimum of two business days after the date of your deposit. Golden 1 credits on the same day deposits made before 3 p.m. during business hours. Deposits made after 3 p.m. are credited the next business day.

Potential Deposit Delays

Several circumstances will delay a deposit, including depositing more than $5,000 in one day, redepositing a returned check, making a deposit into an account that's less than 30 days old and having an account in negative standing.

Policies at Other Institutions

Cash back and funds availability policies differ at every financial institution. You can check your bank's or credit union's policies by reviewing the disclosures provided to you when you opened your account. Many institutions also post such disclosures on their websites.