How to Dispute Something On Your Equifax Credit Report

by Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017
Dispute errors on your credit report.

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Equifax is one of the big three credit reporting bureaus that track everyone's credit ratings and history. It is common for Equifax and the other credit bureaus to have incorrect information on your credit report. You should dispute errors on your credit report so that they do not harm your credit score.

Step 1

Get a copy of your Equifax credit report. Never pay for this. It is your legal right to obtain a copy of your Equifax credit report free of charge once per year. You can do this only at

Step 2

Examine your Equifax credit report for errors. Do not assume that it is accurate. Most people will find several errors on their Equifax credit report over the course of their life. This is the result of millions of people with similar names and Social Security numbers conducting billions of transactions every year. Be sure to check every claim of default, late payment, credit card account and loan. You might find accounts that do not belong to you.

Step 3

Document everything that you are contesting. Gather all canceled checks, statements and letters that prove you made timely payments, for example. If an item does not belong to you at all, make note of discrepancies in Equifax documents. For example, you could have items on your Equifax credit report that belong to someone with the same name but has a different Social Security number.

Step 4

Go directly to the Equifax website and file a dispute claim. Enter your 10 digit report confirmation code from your Equifax credit report. Provide Equifax with specific information about the claim on your Equifax credit report that you are disputing, along with your supporting documentation.

Step 5

Wait one month. Equifax must reply to your request within 30 days. It is up to them to prove that the information on their credit report is correct. If they can't, they will remove it from your record. You should receive a letter in the mail informing you of the Equifax credit report dispute investigation status within one month. If you don't, contact Equifax directly to inquire about the status of your dispute.

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