How to Determine a Stock's Date of Death Value

Inherited stocks are valuated based on the date of the original owner's death. For example, if you inherited stocks from someone that died 60 days ago, you need to find out what the stock's value was 60 days ago. If the original owner died on a day when no recorded transactions took place, you must find the average of the stock's value on the days before and after the owner's death. Several websites manage the history of stocks, and anyone can look up this data.

Yahoo! Finance

Go to the Yahoo! Finance website (

Type in the stock's company name into the blank box located in the upper left corner. Click "Get Quotes."

Click "Historical Prices" on the left.

Enter in the original owner's date of death and click "Get Prices."

Add together the two highest and lowest prices and then divide by two to find the average. This number is used as the value of the stock on the date of death.

BigCharts Historical Quotes

Go to the BigCharts Historical Quotes website (

Click the "Historical Quotes" tab at the top of the page.

Type in the stock's symbol and the date of the owner's death. Click "Look Up."

Add the highest and lowest prices together and divide by two. The answer is the value of the stock on that day.

MSN Money

Visit the MSN Money website (

Type in the symbol of the stock and click "Get Quote."

Click "Historical Prices" on the toolbar.

Scroll through the list of dates to find the owner's date of date. Average the highest and lowest stock price for that day to get the approximate value of the stock.


  • You may need to consult a brokerage firm if you cannot find the stock's value on the date of death.