How to Deposit Into a Chase Online Checking Account

You can add money to your Chase checking account using the Chase mobile app, your online account or an ATM. You can also visit a Chase bank or mail in a deposit. Knowing your options for making a Chase online deposit will help you avoid running out of money, bouncing checks or missing payments that can damage your credit.

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Set Up Chase Online Banking

When you open a Chase checking account, you can set up online access so you can perform a variety of important tasks from your computer. In addition to making deposits, you can check your balance, transfer money between linked accounts, make payments and freeze your account, if necessary.

Visit the Chase website and navigate to the page that lets you enroll in online banking. Follow the directions, which will include entering your name, street address, account number, Social Security number, phone number linked to your account (when you opened the account) and other personal identification. Make sure to have all of this information handy before you get started.

Download the Chase Mobile App

You can download the Chase mobile banking app and make deposits using Chase QuickDeposit. Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow the directions for making a deposit. You can find directions for doing this online at the Chase QuickDeposit web page. Scroll down the page and click on "How to use Chase QuickDeposit" for more detailed instructions.

You’ll need to computer scan or photograph paper checks with your phone to deposit them into your account. Just follow these step-by-step directions and your checks will be deposited instantly.

Use an ATM

Using a Chase automated teller machine, or one in Chase’s network, you can deposit cash or checks into your account. You’ll need your account banking card and PIN. This video provides step-by-step instructions for making a deposit using an ATM.

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Visit a Chase Branch

If you have a Chase bank near you, you can drop in and make a deposit. You’ll need a deposit slip and your account number. If you have your Chase card with you, a bank teller can get the information you need to help you fill out a deposit slip.

You’ll list the amount of each check you are depositing on the slip, along with the total amount of the cash you’re depositing. If you’re only depositing a check and want some cash back from the transaction, you’ll write the amount of cash you want next to “less cash” on the slip.

Mail a Deposit

If there’s no Chase bank near you and for some reason you can’t access your account online, you can mail in your deposit. Follow the directions on your monthly checking account statement, visit the Chase website or call the number on the back of your Chase card to speak with a customer service representative to get instructions.

Make sure to place a piece of paper around your money so that it does not show through the envelope (to help prevent theft). You’ll need a deposit slip, which you might have received when you opened your account.

You can use a counter deposit slip if you have taken any of those from your bank (for use on occasions like this), but you’ll need to put your account number on it. Your account number is the second set of numbers at the bottom of your check, to the right to the other set of numbers (your bank routing number).