How to Delete an ING Account

How to Delete an ING Account
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The International Netherlands Group, also known as the ING Group, offers a variety of banking services to businesses as well as individuals. The ING Group is owned and operated by the ING Direct, which is a federally chartered bank insured by the FDIC. One thing that makes this type of banking so popular is that ING Direct offers higher interest rates than most banks. Whether you are tired of investing or you're just looking to close your ING account, you can do so with very little effort.

Closing the Account Online

Other Ways To Close Your Account

If, for whatever reason, you cannot close your ING account through online methods, there are other ways you can go about having your account closed. This happens most often when you do not remember certain information needed to log into an older account you don't use anymore, or that is inactive. In this case, you can call ING customer service directly for more assistance. Even if you may not remember your account information, a customer service representative will be able to identify you using information you have previously provided. From there, you can then let the agent know what you're trying to do, and she should be able to assist you in closing the account or let you know what your next steps should be.

If your account is still in active status, but you would like to close it, you can message customer support through online banking to walk you through the steps of closing your account.