Definition of Express Checking Account

An express checking account provides customers with different features and benefits than those offered by a traditional checking account. There are many ways to do your banking. Some people will have to choose one method over the other as a matter of convenience and according to their work schedule. Express checking provides you with methods of banking that are suitable for your own needs.

Limited branch use

An express checking account is designed for those customers that for whatever reason don’t frequent a branch office. You can choose to bank by using an ATM, calling the branch or using your computer.

Unlimited checks

You don’t have to worry about how many checks you write with an express checking account because they are unlimited.

Branch visits

If you choose to visit a branch, that option is open as well. Each branch visit will consist of a large fee every time you stop inside the branch for a transaction.


When you avoid the branch, your checking account fees are less than those of a traditional checking account. This will have the tendency to save you money over time.

Various terms

The terms and conditions for express checking accounts will vary from bank to bank. You can have free access to a number of services. You may want to check with several banks to see which has the best terms and conditions.