Define Community Resources

by Mike Gonyea

Community resources are the people and places members of a given community can turn to for assistance in filling an unmet need. The organizations can be public or private.

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Public resources are those the government provides. This includes physical structures such as schools, colleges, libraries, post offices and recreational facilities as well as the staffs that run them. Because tax dollars support the structures, these resources tend to be available to all members of the public. Other public resources are targeted to certain segments of the community. Examples include mental and physical health services, and food and housing assistance. Child and elderly care services are examples of resources targeted to specific segments of the population. Private nonprofit organizations also provide a range of services to the community. Unlike public organizations that employ paid staffs, these organizations rely heavily on volunteers to fulfill their missions. Civic organizations such as the Kiwanis and even groups of employees from local businesses who band together to form armies of volunteers are community resources. Any individual who volunteers time to help one of these nonprofit groups is a community resource.

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