How to Defer Property Taxes

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States throughout the country give homeowners the ability to defer property taxes if they meet certain conditions. Although these conditions vary from state to state, programs are generally available for senior citizens, disabled homeowners and those with limited incomes. Homeowners who want information on property tax deferments should contact their county assessor's office to find out eligibility requirements and information on the application process.

Call your county assessor's office or visit your state's department of revenue Web page to learn about property tax deferment programs in your state. These resources will be able to let you know whether you may be eligible for a deferment based on your situation. Although property taxes are collected at the local level, decisions regarding deferments are made by the state government.

Fill out a deferment application as provided by the state department of revenue. In Oregon, for example, individuals interested in a deferment must fill out the "Application for Deferral of Special Assessment on Senior Citizens' Residential Property." In addition to the application information, applicants must also fill out an income worksheet. If you can't find the correct forms on the department of revenue website, ask a representative at your county assessor's office if you can pick up a form at their office or have one mailed to you.

Fill out the application completely, being sure to include your financial, health and identification information as required. In order to be considered for a deferment, you must adhere to the application deadline. Application deadlines vary, but are often in the late fall or early winter.

Return the application and all required documentation to your county assessor's office. The assessor will process your application with the department of revenue, which will determine your eligibility. You will be notified once the state has made a decision whether to grant your deferment request.

Determine whether you will need to reapply for a property tax deferment each year. While Oregon residents must only apply for a deferment once, residents of Massachusetts must reapply each year to be considered. Failing to reapply by the application deadline will jeopardize your deferment status in the future.