How to Decorate to Sell a Home Fast

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If the three rules of buying in real estate are "location, location, location," then the three rules of selling are "decorate, decorate, decorate." Staging and decorating your home to make it look its best are essential if you are looking to sell your home quickly. Investing just a little bit of time and money can make a big difference in how your home looks to prospective buyers, and how quickly your home sells.

Clean and Organize

Get rid of the clutter. A cluttered house is a messy house. Too much furniture and too many nicknacks make your house look smaller. It could be worth the investment to rent a storage area for those items that are not essential for day-to-day living.

Move the furniture. Moving the furniture away from the walls and into comfortable groupings will open up the room and make it look larger. Consider moving furniture from room to room if you think it'll look better somewhere else. Remove items from closets to make them look bigger as well.

Clean the yard. To make a good first impression and increase curbside appeal, make sure your lawn is freshly cut and there are no dead plants or leaves cluttering the yard. Plant fresh flowers or shrubs.


Give a fresh coat of paint. New paint will make the walls look clean and fresh. Use neutral colors that will allow prospective buyers to imagine their own belongings in your rooms. Consider tan, grey, or a soft shade of blue or green. Painting adjacent rooms the same color will help them to look bigger.

Accessorize your rooms. While too much clutter can dissuade potential buyers, a few tasteful touches can make your home more attractive. Fill a vase with fresh flowers for the dining room and place a bowl of ripe produce on the kitchen table.

Accessorize the outdoors. A backyard bench, hammock or swing can make your outdoor space more inviting.


  • So that your house appeals to a range of shoppers, keep your personal style to a minimum. This helps more potential buyers imagine themselves in your house.