What Is a Debit Card Security Code?

Debit cards look and act much like credit cards with one important difference; charges made with debit cards are immediately deducted from the balance of the associated account. Credit cards allow the user to pay all charges, or a minimum portion of the amount due, on a fixed monthly date. The debit card security code is one of the most important safeguards to protect the funds in your checking or savings account.

Where to Locate your Security Code

Debit card security codes are located on the back of the card. The last three numbers to the right of the card are known as your security code.

Why the Security Code is Important.

The security code offers the cardholder an extra layer of protection from fraud and unauthorized use.

When will the Cardholder Need to Provide the Security Code?

Cardholders will need to provide the debit card security code for most telephone and Internet sales transactions.

How Does the Debit Card Security Code Reduce Fraud?

Providing the security code to the vendor during sales transactions provides some assurance that the caller has the actual card in hand.

Is the Pin Code the Same as the Security Code?

They are different numbers. The security code is already assigned to the card upon issue; a PIN code is often one chosen by the user and not printed on the card.