How to Get a Debit Master Card Without Having a Bank Account

by braniac ; Updated July 27, 2017

Items you will need

  • Get a free Paypal account
  • Obtain a free application form at any Netspend, Moneygram, or Western Union store.

A debit master card is very essential, convenient, and a vital instrument to possess based on the fact that it allows you to pay bills online, make purchases, rent cars and even make reservation without owning a bank account.

This article explains the process and steps required to obtain a Debit Master Card without having a bank account

Step 1

A Debit master card is a valuable financial tool which makes it easier for people to carry around without having to carry large amount of cash. It makes it possible for the owner to pay their bills at payment centers, shop at supermarket, make reservations and purchase petrol. Any person can obtain a Debit Master Card without have a bank account or good credit.

If your are interested in getting a free debit master card, go to and sign up for a free Paypal Account. After you have signed up, and your account is approved, login to your paypal account using your email address that you signed up with and view the details in your account including how to get your free debit master card.

Step 2

You are now eligible to obtain a Paypal Debit Master Card 90 days after becoming a member. Login to your Paypal account using your email address that you signed up with. Click on debit card, fill out the application form then click on submit form. You will be informed by email when your debit card is approved.

Step 3

When your debit card is approved, it will be mailed to your address given, when you signed up for your Paypal account. Continue to watch your mails for your debit card. A second letter will be mailed to you with your activation code.

If you do not receive your debit card after you have been informed that it was mailed to you, contact Paypal via telephone or email.

Step 4

Another option to obtaining a debit master card is to visit your local bill payment center and obtain an application form from either Netspend, or Western union. You can visit their websites at: and or Fill out the form by following the instructions, then mail it to the address stated along with the small fee requested.