How to Find Current Delinquent Property Tax Records in Oklahoma

by Steve Gregory ; Updated July 27, 2017

When a homeowner in Oklahoma fails to pay his property taxes, the county treasurer may file a tax lien against the property. This gives the county the power to sell the property at a tax sale or auction unless the original taxes are paid in full by the owner. Anyone in the general public is allowed to make a bid on the property. The money from the sale of the property is used to pay the delinquent taxes. Lists of Oklahoma delinquent tax properties are available both online and offline.

Step 1

Select the town, city or county in the State of Oklahoma that you want to search for delinquent property tax records. You can find a list of towns, cities and counties at the Oklahoma official web site (see Resources.)

Step 2

Go to a website that specializes in keeping a database of current property tax liens. Two of these sites are and

Step 3

Type in the zip code for the location you want to research and click the "Submit" or "Go "button." A list of results will appear on the next page. Use the contact information next to each listing to get in touch with the relevant authority in charge of the property.

Step 4

Read the newspaper of the Oklahoma county where you want to find delinquent properties. Many county newspapers list property tax lien sales. The information is usually in the property or housing section of the newspaper. Each listing will have either the contact information for the property or a parcel number assigned by the county's tax assessor office. If a parcel number is listed, contact the tax office for more information.

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