How to Get a Credit Card With Fair Credit

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Credit card issuers use credit scoring to determine your suitability for credit cards. Your credit score is based upon several factors including payment history, outstanding debt, number of credit cards and your public records (court judgments, defaults, bankruptcy). If your credit rating is just fair, this doesn’t preclude you from getting a credit card. Visa, MasterCard and American Express offer credit cards if you have fair credit. Check their websites to compare interest rates and incentives. Look for cards with interest-free periods or no annual fee. Check if the cards offer cash back or reward points.

Getting a Visa Credit Card with Fair Credit

Navigate to

Categorize your credit history: Choose good or poor, depending on your personal credit status. You will see a list of cards you can get with fair credit.

Check each credit card listed and select one that best suits your needs.

Click “Apply now." Follow the simple online instructions. Complete the application form and click "Continue."

Review your application form. Check for accuracy and click "Submit." Your identity will be verified and your credit report checked. In most cases, a decision will be provided online.

Getting a MasterCard Credit Card with Fair Credit


Click “Browse all credit cards.” Select your credit status from the list and click "Continue." Cards offered if you have fair credit are listed.

Check each card listed for terms, conditions and benefits. Choose a card and click "Apply now."

Complete the application form carefully, then click "Continue."

Review your application form and click "Submit." Wait while your application is processed, identity verified and credit history checked. A decision is usually given online.

Getting an American Express Credit Card with Fair Credit.

Go to to apply.

Click “Need help finding a card.” Click “Take a quick quiz.” Answer the six questions. The last question asks for your credit rating. Click “Average” or “I’d love to improve it.” You will be given a list of cards available with fair credit.

Check each card to find one that is best for you, then click “Apply now.”

Enter your personal details in the application form carefully. Click "Continue."

Follow the online instructions and click "Submit." Wait while your identity is confirmed and your credit status checked. Depending on your credit status and the details entered on the application form, you will be advised whether your application was successful, declined, or if further details are required.


  • Get your credit history report from so you know exactly what your credit standing is. You can check for errors (which affect your rating) and look for ways to improve your report.

    If your credit card application is declined, wait several months before reapplying. Multiple applications over a short duration are recorded on your credit file and can negatively affect your rating.