How to Create a Free Stock Portfolio

How to Create a Free Stock Portfolio
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If you ever wanted to learn to track a group of stocks, but you didn't have the money or desire to setup a brokerage account, then you can easily create a free stock portfolio online. This will allow you to follow the stocks that you are interested in and you can even put on simulated trades and see how much money you would have made or lost in a virtual stock exchange game.

Sign up with Marketwatch .com. Click on “My Marketwatch,” and register an account. Submit your details such as name, and e-mail address and click "Submit."

Add stocks to your portfolio. After you've registered you will then be able to add stocks to your account by going to “My Portfolio.” Type in the ticker symbol of the stock that you wish to track and click “Add.” This will then bring up relevant information about the stock such as the last price, the days trading range and the volume. It will also give you links to charts, as well as the latest headlines and information about the company.

Join a Virtual Stock Exchange Game. You can participate in a game that tests your stock picking ability. Click on “Virtual Stock Exchange” when you are under the “My MarketWatch” area. Register a user name and password. Once registered you will be given $100,000 simulated and you will able to join existing games, or create your own to compete against your friends. You can buy and sell stocks just like you would in a regular brokerage account and track your profits and losses.


  • Make sure to use a stop loss and never to risk more than 2 percent of your portfolio per trade.