How to Create a Printable Grocery List


Make your own printable grocery list and save both time and money. When you have a master grocery list created with your individual shopping preferences and staples, this eliminates the need to place these items on a grocery list every time you shop. Additionally, when you shop from a well-organized list that includes everything you need, you are less likely to purchase impulse items and less likely to forget items. That amounts to money saved each time you shop.

Make a list of all the staple grocery items you purchase regularly. For example, if you buy bananas, bread, coffee, eggs and chicken every week, write these items down as staple grocery items. Try to remember and write down all the items you purchase each time you shop.

Consider the layout of the grocery store you shop at most often. Reorganize the staple grocery list to list the items in the order you would find them in the grocery store. For example, if the produce section is first at your grocery store, list all produce staple items first. If the meat department is after the produce section, list all meat staple items next.

Type the staple grocery list into the word processing program on your computer. If you are a price-conscious shopper, add a blank line after the items to write in the price of the items. This will help you keep track of grocery prices. Make between 10 and 15 blank lines under the staple grocery list to write in any special items needed for particular recipes or other needs. Name the file "Master Grocery List" and save it on your hard drive. Print out your master grocery list and add any special items before you stop each time.